Health Concepts of K link

Cleansing removes harmful toxins in order to achieve a clean and harmonious body.

Activating enables nutrients to normalize body cells.

Balancing process and cleansing is repeated for 6 months and enables our body to become healthy and strong.

Defending provides balanced and sufficient nutrients to body.

K-Link UIE K-Energy Touch

The exclusive UIE K-Energy Touch is originated from the pure and natural element of Universe Induced Energy (UIE) to help the delay of deterioration as well as decaying process. It can also be used to help enhance the quality of our health.

K-Energy Touch utilizes the useful energy of the sun to help maintain the quality of health and life in general. With the advent of high technology, such energy has been infused into an unknitted cloth, sealed in a gold aluminium foil and covered by a unique plastic material for usage purposes.

The UIE E-Energy Touch has a variety of functions which include:

Food and Drinks

Helps retain freshness of vegetables, fish, meat, drinks and canned food and also improving quality and taste of food and drinks.

Other Uses

1. Enhances the functions of electrical appliances and the performances of gas stoves.
2. Absorbs bad odour or smells in the refrigerator.
3. UIE K-Energy Touch can be placed underneath the pillow for a good deep sleep.
4. Transforms dangerous electromagnetic waves from
By placing the UIE Power Touch on affected body parts, it helps normalize organ functions. The energy also assists in preventing unhealthy cells from multiplying.
household appliances to be harmless.
5. Also reduces tar and nicotine level in cigarettes.


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