Health Concepts of K link

Cleansing removes harmful toxins in order to achieve a clean and harmonious body.

Activating enables nutrients to normalize body cells.

Balancing process and cleansing is repeated for 6 months and enables our body to become healthy and strong.

Defending provides balanced and sufficient nutrients to body.

Note From The Author

Dear Customer / Friend / Fellow distributor
Thank you for checking this website, Whoever referred to you this site has nothing but good intent to help you. Its not surprising that we see that the quality of health in our society has degraded over the years rapidly owing to various factors like stress/pollution/lifestyle Etc.
Did you know India is the Diabetic Capital Of The World ?
Did you know that the % of Cancer affected / Heart illness persons in India is growing at an alarming rate in India ?
Being Healthy is not a choice but the basic requirement for day to day survival. Being healthy is important for the sake of your family and your loved ones also. This product is a means of being healthy for you and your family and loved ones.
All the Products explained here are made of completely Veg and Natural and completely organic plants and trees. The K-Link Products can be used by any 6-month child to 130 Yr old person. There are no Side Effects/ Over Dose issues known with this product.
K-Link is a Legitimate MLM company based in Malaysia and is certified by the IDSA (Indian Direct Selling Association) and been in operation in India since Year 2000.
Each products have a speciality and are the best in herbal/natural medicine in their respective country of orgin. All the Main ingredients of the products Esp chlorophyll/Gamat/ Propolis/ Rooibos/Wood Vinegar can be googled by you to get more info and to prove its healing properties.
Since this blog is often visited by people who are not familiar with the products, below is the simple guide to the supplements associated with various ailments as advised by our company.
Pls note it may vary a little on a case by case basis and the severity of the illness. Further it is recommended that we be consulted prior deciding on the supplement required by an individual.
The importance of a step by step cleansing , balancing, activating and defending is recommended for the best results which will be advised and under guidance of our team.
Illness Supplement Advised
Diabetes Chlorophyll + K-Ayu Bes and Gamat Vita Gel
Weight Loss Riddance + K- Ayu Flax + K-Eslima and Bio Green
Weight Gain Spirulina + Bio Green + Chlorophyll
Erectile Dysfunction K-Ayu Vigo + K-Ayu Rin (For Men) + UIE Black Jade
Asthma K- Ayu Asmo + Rooibus Tea
Arthiritis/Joint Pain K- Ayu Artis + Energy Deep Heat Oil + Gamat Taurine
Kidney Stone Kinotakara + Rooibus tea + Chlorophyll +K Ayu Rin
Cancer  Kinotakara + Spirulina + Chlorophyll + Area specific Product
Liver Disorders Kinotakara + K-Ayu Lite + Chlorophyll
Piles / Hemorroids Kinotakara + K-Ayu rhoids + chlorophyll

Women Hygine Puyikang Takara + K Ayu Vita +K Sophie + Ai'Er

Skin Disorders K-Ayu Derme + K-Ayu Lite

Youthful Skin and Beauty    Always Young + Liquid Collagen

Kinotakara is a principal product which helps in removal of toxins of our body and is a first step of cleansing your body and is recommended as a basic step to healthy living.

Chlorophyll / Energy touch / Rooibus tea / K-Link Coffee / Bio Green are day to day supplements which are recommended to the whole family for daily use for general well being.

The blog also provides the Links to the Website having articles based on these raw materials and products. The Blog also provides links to the Videos available on You tube and internet on the testimonials of ppl who have used K-Link products and discussions about the products.
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Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy lifestyle.