Health Concepts of K link

Cleansing removes harmful toxins in order to achieve a clean and harmonious body.

Activating enables nutrients to normalize body cells.

Balancing process and cleansing is repeated for 6 months and enables our body to become healthy and strong.

Defending provides balanced and sufficient nutrients to body.

K-Link K-Eslima Ayurveda

K-Eslima is effective in :
Shedding those extra pounds
Increasing the BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate)
Management of Weight Loss.

K-link has launched this super ayurvedic formulation which includes herbs like :

Commiphora Mukul Extract which removes deposited fat and restricts fat accumulation

Garcinia Cambogia Extract which assists in weight loss by blocking the conversion of sugars and starches into fats, thus restraining fat production and suppresses appetite by raising levels of certain brain chemicals such a serotonin, a key stimulator of appetite.

Trikatu which contains Long pepper, black pepper and ginger which assists weight loss by maximizing metabolism and being a natural appetite suppressant and also helps in indigestion.

1. It suppress the appetite: reduce the intake of fats and carbohydrates
2. It leads to optimal utilization of nutrients
3. It helps avoid fat accumulation in the body
4. Prevents water retention in th body.

K-Eslima should be taken with a reduced (light) Calorie + K-Lax on daily basis.

Why K-Lax ?

When the colon is lined with mucus and solid waste, your whole digestive and waste removal slows down. After cleansing your colon, you will experience an increase in both endurance as well as energy. This helps you in achieving the exercise and workout related goals of your fitness program, helping K-ESLIMA to make you lose weight faster.

For Maximum benefit K-ESlima should be taken along with:
1. A reduced calorie diet
2. 45 mins. of moderate physical activity 3-4 times a week
3. Smaill. frequent maels. Dinner should be the lightest meal
4. Al least 8 - 10 glasses of water daily
5. Fresh fruits, vegetables and salads in your diet
6. Reduction in sweets, fried food, ghee, cheese and high fat foods

K-Eslima Dosage : 2 capsules three times a day
1st dose : 2 capsules 15 minutes before breakfast with 500 ml of room temperature water
2nd dose : 2 capsules 15 minutes before lunch with 500 ml of room temperature water
3rd dose : 2 capsules 15 minutes before dinner with 500 ml of room temperature water

To add to its efficacy, take Eslima along with K-Lax

Do note feel frustrated and give up halfway, Keep at it.

Help K-Eslima to help you. You will start seeing results in 2-3 weeks.

Allow atleast 3 months for full benefits.


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