Health Concepts of K link

Cleansing removes harmful toxins in order to achieve a clean and harmonious body.

Activating enables nutrients to normalize body cells.

Balancing process and cleansing is repeated for 6 months and enables our body to become healthy and strong.

Defending provides balanced and sufficient nutrients to body.

K-Link K-Rhoids Ayurveda

Ayurveda is acknowledged as the ancient traditional healing system of india, covering all the aspects of lifestyle. Literally translated , it means “science of life” and is one of the oldest recorded health practiced still used throughout the world.

Ayurveda is a complete health system for mind, body and spirit. Rather than treating symptoms, it treats the whole person, working holistically for our general well being. Ayurveda uses the elements; seasons, planets and bodily types of discover the areas of potential weakness. It operates on the assumption of the five elements earth, air, fire, water and ether.

AyuRhoids is an herbal combination that helps to provide prompt relief in piles-hemorrhoids. It also helps to relieve bleeding, assists digestion and helps to reduce constipation.

Piles are condition in which a fleshy swelling of variable size, shape and color appears (due to varicosity of veins) in the anus. Piles are divided into two groups, piles which do not bleed and piles in which the person suddenly passes streaks of bright red blood with or without stool. Obstruction to the passing of gases, discomfort and burning sensation particularly on defecation, diminished appetite and constipation are the general signs of piles.

Hemorrhoids often cause itching, or cause pain in the rectum. Bleeding also may occur. Symptoms generally occur after a bowel movement, usually due to hard stools.


* Chronic Constipation
* Increased pressure on the rectal veins
* Reduced liver function
* Lack of exercise
* Eating excessive hot and spicy foods
* Food Allergies
* Stress


* Bleeding on anal
* Pain in the anal area
* Itching and swelling in the anal area
* Anus feels sore during defecation
* Loss of appetite

The benefits of AyuRhoids:
  • Provides prompt relief in hemorrhoids
  • Helps to relieve bleeding
  • Helps to relieve itching, burning and local discomfort
  • Helps shrinkage of swollen tissue
  • Provides cooling effect
  • Assists digestion
  • Helps to reduce gaseous emission
  • Helps to reduce constipation
The Benefits of AyuRhoids :

* Alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoids and constipation
* Stopping bleeding
* Alleviated itching and pain in the hemorrhoids
* Helps reduce inflammation of tissue around the anus
* Avoid operating Treat constipation.
* Improve liver function.
* Changing eating patterns.
* Discard the water regularly

The K-Link K-Ayurveda AyuRhoids is a herbal combination that helps relieve hemorrhoids, if administered at the right time. K-Link K-Ayurveda AyuRhoids can prevent the operation on hemorrhoids.
2 capsules three times a day.

Avoid spicy foods and alcohol, Taking plenty of fluids and fiber is recommended.

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