Health Concepts of K link

Cleansing removes harmful toxins in order to achieve a clean and harmonious body.

Activating enables nutrients to normalize body cells.

Balancing process and cleansing is repeated for 6 months and enables our body to become healthy and strong.

Defending provides balanced and sufficient nutrients to body.

K- IG - Gold

K-Ig Gold is a Health Food which contains Mixed Skim Milk with Colostrum & DHA Powder

It Helps in maintaining the following

·        Life’s first food
·        Maintains youthful constitution
·        Enhances the digestive system
·         Restores body cells
·         Nourishes skin
·        Enhances the immune system

What is Colostrum?
Colostrum (also known as beestings or first milk) is produced by the mammary glands of all female mammals in the first few days after giving birth. Human produce relatively small amounts of colostrum in the first two days after giving birth, but cows produce about 9 gallons (36 L) of colostrum.

Colostrum contains numerous compounds which affect more than 50 processes in the body. It also supports the immune system and the regeneration and growth of all types of cells. Recent studies have shown it to be extremely beneficial, not only for the newborn, but for humans and animals of all ages.

Health Benefits Of Colostrum

Colostrum is high in carbohydrates, proteins and antibodies. Besides this, the low amount of fat in colostrums is a blessing for the consumption of human babies as their digestion is extremely weak right after birth.

The presence of antibodies in the substance helps the babies to grow their power of immunity. Colostrum also acts as a mild laxative that encourages the smooth outlet of the baby’s first stool, which is known as Meconium that is high in Bilirubin thus preventing jaundice.

Colostrum plays an influential role in the development of a healthy immune system for your child. Several studies have shown that colostrums-fed children grow up to be physically stronger and healthier not just in the early years but throughout adulthood. In addition, it also reduces the chances of contracting gastrointestinal and respiratory conditions such as asthma.

Adults and elderly
Regular consumption of colostrum serves to restore and maximizes an adult’s immune system. It also provides relief and stabilizes an erratic metabolic rate when taken in times of heavy physical exertion and mental stress. The high carbohydrate content gives a boost to the energy level and thus, they are widely used by sportsperson.

Colostrum prevents diseases like arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular disease besides directly fighting against bacteria like chlamydeous thereby lowering LDL cholesterol level and thus, reducing the risks of heart attack. Thus, the health benefits of Colostrum are influential in maintaining our health all through life.

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